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Copy Paste grayed out? How to transfer modeled elements from one project file to another?


I want to select a morph in one file and copy it to another file. Two instances of AC26/4034 are open.

The second file was a Saveas of the first, but I deleted a bunch of stuff and have now moved on modifying it. And now, I want to copy some other previously modeled elements over.

I've tried:

1) In 3d view, selecting the morphs individually with the Arrow doesn't show Copy on the edit menu (grayed out).

2) If I put a Marquee around the items in 3d, I do get Copy to show on the edit menu. But cannot see Paste when in the second file. 

3) In elevation view, if I select the morphs, I can Copy & then Paste in the elevation of the other file, but I only get fills & lines (?!?) in elevation.

4) I tried dragging the objects to the window of the other file (both in similar 3d view). Doesn't work.


What do I need to do here?

Copy/Paste seems like it should be a basic intuitive feature of the program, but clearly it isn't quite that straightforward.

mac ACv26/5002, US solo, Ventura 13.4.1, 2020 iMac/2023 MacBook Pro

Steve Campbell

You need to have the morph selected in the plan view of a Story to copy/paste the morph model element between files. It won't work in 3D and copying from a Section/Elevation view will only paste lines and fills.


Steve, thank you for that reply - I got it to work!

mac ACv26/5002, US solo, Ventura 13.4.1, 2020 iMac/2023 MacBook Pro

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