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Curtain Wall Overall Shape and Adjustment of Individual Members

Josh Verran

I have two queries relating to curtain walls, I could do two separate posts, but they are somewhat related.


First Query.
I've used the Redefine Boundary From Fill command, however I now need to alter that boundary.
For the life of me I can't find how to redefine.

I have tried; clear all connections, right-click menu, design menu, tried using another fill, and dialogue settings to no avail.

Screenshot 2023-07-13 132343.jpg


Second Query.
I want to trim only the orange members so the tops intersect the red curve, and the bottoms intersect the blue curve.
Trimming and extend options aren't available. I have tried to manually stretch each one, but you only appear to be able move, not alter length.
Screenshot 2023-07-13 132738.jpg

The hope is to get something that looks like this (example using columns).
Screenshot 2023-07-13 133052.jpg



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Using another fill and the command again works fine for me...

You can also edit the boundary in the edit mode of the CW. Just make sure you go into the scheme grid.

You can then either make adjustments to the boundary there, or you draw something new. See also


The second thing only works with two different CWs. Or you would go into there and adjust every single frame. (not a real option tho)

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