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Editing (re-modeling) custom made objects

Andrei Nemes



I've been keen on learning ArchiCad, but I got to a frustrating moment. Compared to other programs, like Revit, AutoCAD, and Sketchup (basically most programs), there are options to edit custom-made objects that are often replicated across the project. That usually is quite simple with modelling changes (not parameters) in a file. And struggling to find any tutorial that somehow gives help with this. Specifically editing something after an object has been created. Or is there no such feature in ArchiCad?


I tried module and object creator already, but it is not what I want an object to do.


Looking for areas such as a custom-made object in a file and then editing it again. Or, for example, editing custom trusses made. Just wanted to know if there is any such thing in this program so that I can stop searching for it.


Thank you for your time.





Trusses - Modeling Menu - Extra - TrussMaker - and you make any kind of truss you need.


If using Objects to create bespoke items that may change, I find it is a good idea to model them on a negative story below your actual model. This storey can then be excluded from drawings using the Stories to Show in 3D option and Vertical Range settings in elevations and sections. In this way, when need be, you can go back to them, make edits then save and override the previous version.


View => Elements in 3D => Filter & Cut Elements in 3D => Stories to Show in 3D

Elevation / Section Settings => Vertical Range => Limited


Outside of this, the block fuctionality from A, components from S and families from R, does not exist in AC. The closest thing we have are Modules, which are more suited to isolating and seperating buidlings. There are many wishes around for this functionality, or at least in-place editting of modules.





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Hi Amauri,


Thank you for your reply. One follow up question I have is: once the truss is made, can you in-model edit the truss?




Hi Ling,


Thank you very much for your insightful reply. I guess will need to get used to a different system of operation.


My best wishes,


Yes. You have the option to edit the truss in the same tool.


As per the procedure described by Jared Banks in his blog,   If you are making custom made objects out of standard parts, like walls or even panels, and you want to retain some form of editability, the solution is to make an ungrouped copy of the objects you just made and leave it either somewhere in the project or in a hidden layer.


IF you then need to modify your object, what you need to do is to modify these elements and save them as an object with the same name.  It will override all existing objects that have the same name, effectively but clumsily working as a normal block.  In order to keep editability you need to keep making copies either of the original objects or the previous state.


Hope it helps!

Thank you!! 🙂

Laszlo Nagy
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Trusses can also be created and edited using the Curtain Wall tool.

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