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Modified Walls plan visualization


Hello Guys 🙂

How to visualize IN PLAN VIEW a wall that is been modified (solid subtraction, operator a Morph, or a Shell)?

It seems no possible 😮


Sadly not doable, yes.

But you could convert it to a morph, that will show in plan view.

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Hi! Can you use either a regular or irregular window opening (just the hole, not the window) to make the modification? by using this tool, it can actually show on plan, but it depends on what you are trying to achieve




Thanks guys!

@jl_lt no in my situation the "void windows" non works well...

But the "deeper" question is: WHY Graphisoft has conceived such a crazy idea 😮 you have a comand, a tool, but you cant see the result in plan. Why??? It is a real non sense.

I was annoyed by it too, as i was used to solve everything with booleans in other software.  the SEO works very well in 3d and sections, but not in plan.  My conlusion is that not having SEO on plan forces me to model with more discipline, otherwise, everything would become an SEO fest.  I dont like my own answer but i suspect this is why they havent implemented it on plan.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I think it is a legacy thing. A long time ago, Archicad tools were not developed with this capability (true 3D projection on Floor Plan) in mind. In more recent years, several tools (Roof, Morph, Curtain Wall, Column, Beam) that were updated or were newly developed included this capability, but there are still many older tools that do not.

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