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Eptar reinforcement and rebar tools


Hello guys,

is there any experienced user of eptar reinforcement that can tell us about it's capabilities ?

Can an engeneer used it for real projects and serious work

it can do all reinforcement and rebar senarios ?

is it linked to the model, if any changes happens it updates automatically?

how is it compared to revit rebar tool


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I saw a couple of videos out of curiosity; The answer seems to be NO to everything, but i hope im wrong



The elements made with eptar are basically objects. If you change a structural element in Archicad you need to reshape the reinforcement by changing the parameters of the reinforcements objects yourself, so it is not automatic.

The reinforcement scenarios you can model is not bad, it can be pretty versatile, but the documentation process (graphic positioning on layouts, how you can label elements, show the elements themselves, quantity takeoffs, etc.) is still bad and have minimal control over it.

So I would not recommend it for now.


I do hope it gets better soon, and would really love to have a Archicad native tool for reinfocement.

If you need to work together with engineers using a complete BIM software with advanced structural and MEP features, Revit is the best platform for that. 

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Maybe this will be my next accessory object(s).

Gerardo Faustin

I have used it for my project, and as far as updating goes, it is a little bit tedious. It is not as robust as a Rivet would be however, I find it to be very useful quality and presentation with minimal effort. I have used it for a house. The size is 24,000 square-foot. It provided me with all the steel work detail that I needed. I definitely think you should give it a try however use the one for Archicad 26.

Can you share your experience?
Please send me the 2D detailed drawings obtained in this project in PDF format
Thank you in advance !!!

Sincerely, Ing. Aurel Ivancu.
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I will remain in your debt if you answer me by email.

Thanks! But i would rather go back to hand drawing (while walking over red hot coals, barefooted) before using revit. 


Graphisoft is doing a great job pushing us in that direction though.