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Is there an element that can show only the cut section?

Otavio Augusto
Certified trainer

Hello there, my coworkers have asked if there is a way to represent setbacks from the terrain in a manner that they appear in sections as well in 2D, to assist with certain drawings (we are doing it with 2D lines in plans).


However, if we use something like a railing to achieve this, it will also display the remaining portion of the railing. So, I was wondering if there is an element that can show only the section that has been cut, without displaying the rest of it, or if we can create an option in the MVO to show only the section of a particular element.




If such a solution exists, or theres another one, could someone please assist me with this task?



I am not aware of any other workaround than having two different sections in place, one of them set to zero depth while showing the terrain only. The other shows everything except the terrain. Now combine both on a layout. At least that's how I do it.

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Piotr Walerysiak

I use gridline tool for such a purpose. Typically for site boundaries in my case. Disadvantage is that every segment needs to be drawn separately, grids cannot be polylines.

I like the gridline option, my only concern is that the gridline is not really 2D editable right? is there a way to make it possible to edit like an normal polyline in it GDL? or is this a little impossible?

Can we edit the hotspot that is already set in the gridline object to be used as in the GDL reference guide section "GRAPHICAL EDITING USING HOTSPOTS"? it's a little hard to understand which part is what some times...

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