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Resolved! X Marks

Hello Guys I need some help I will atach I screen the thing is that , How can I delete those X on the stairs and around all the section view. Any advice ?

What is the fast way to model roof trusses

Hi Everyone, now I'm learning to model roof trusses. I have created roof trusses for area 1 as shown in the below picture. In area 2, the size of trusses is getting smaller gradually, I have no idea what's the fast way to multicopy trusses. Could any...

Snipaste_2022-01-05_10-10-20.png Snipaste_2022-01-05_10-11-19.png

Composite walls wrkflow

Hellow, here is a screenshot of a composition using composite walls to achieve some real live wall behaviour in my country,On the top you can see the final result, i had duplicated and selected it to show reference lines. WHAT A MESS... i did it the ...


Does anyone know how I can model this window??  The Arched Top Window is limited to a minium height of 1m, I need something that can show height of 40cm.The half round window is too small, zero height on the sides Thanks??


Compatibility of Archicad 21 with MacOS Monterey

Hi, first time on here.... I'm a V21 user and now that I'm semi-retired really don't want to upgrade (spend my pension) to a later version. I do however wish to keep my iMac upgraded and move to the new OS Monterey. The question therefore is will V21...

Winder Stair

Hello everybody !!!The biggest problem for me in Archicad (since version 21) is modeling a winder stairs. In the AC 18 it was easy, but in the last versions AC I unfortunately fail to model such stairs as in AC 18 and often I get the message like: "c...

Winder Stairs.jpg Version 18.png Winder Stairs 1.jpg
BIMx by Participant
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What's the best way to model curve roof

Hi, Everyone. I was modeling curve roofs using mesh method as shown in below picture, but there were some issues such as mesh node control, inside shape control and structure. So I'm seeking help to find the better solution. Thanks


AC 25 4013 stair tool driving me nuts

I change the stair height to 0.62 and the list of available risers doesn't update. If anybody can figure out what's going on I'll be very grateful, because I've just wasted quite a bit of time on this.

Ignacio by Advisor
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Resolved! Section uniform cut pen

I cant for the life of me find how you define the pen color for uniform cut pen in section, help! UPDATE: I loaded a different project and when selecting the Uniform Cut Pen option, a section opens up with the pen choices. However on my original proj...


Passive house/ Eco design

Very sad to see so many of the old forums have been removed Where are the ppl discussing Passive House design / Sustainable design with Archicad hanging out now?? I have recently passed my Certified Passive House Designer course and would be interest...