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Morph cross-section does not follow path correctly when Tubed


I need to build a railing, using a 16mm dia cross-section. I drew the pattern using a linear Morph. I then drew a circular (ie planar) Morph, rotated it 90° and positioned it so its center is at the beginning of the linear Morph which I'll use as path for the tubing step. The whole thing is taking place on the XY plane.


However, when completed, the tubed Morph (which has resulted from the original planar Morph sweeping along the linear Morph's path) is not sitting on the XY  plane - it's slanted, such that the end of it is 'slid' down and the linear Morph is no longer at its center but at the top-most point. Looking at it carefully, I see that the cross-section has progressively rotated around the Tube path - it hasn't gone from beginning to end as-is.


In the screenshot below see how, in plan view, the sweep has moved off-centre by the time it's got to the end of the path, at bottom-right. What am I missing?






Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 21.29.08.png


Path not followed correctly - 3D.png



Archicad 27 macOS Sonoma

I did it. I finally did it. I have no idea how, but I did it.


I had to invoke all manner of editing plane voodoo, but I did it. Bit frustrating, since the behaviour I have in AC27 isn't what the tutorial videos show. If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 22.35.11.png

Archicad 27 macOS Sonoma

I would probably place the edge of the circle on the arched morph line and then tube it along the path.

That might be a little easier to control.


Once you have created this arched railing, you can save it as a custom baluster and use in in the railing tool.

The railing toll can be a bit fiddly in itself, but you can get some good results.

I actually scripted my balusters, but you can do a simple 'save as custom baluster'.

This image shows two different custom balusters combined into the one railing.





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When extruding Morphs, I will generally place a slab or wall do define my axis, though given your extrusion, is there some reason not to use a round Beam?

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