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Project curves/lines on morph


Hi everyone!

I am trying to project a line on an uneven surfice morph in order to seperate it from the rest. I want to have a different collor for each segment. In Sketchup the command is project/drop (see screenshot). I can't seem to find a similar operation in Archicad. I have tried boolien operations, Solid Element operations but nothing works. Any ideas? 

Note that the morph I want to project on is uneven so I can't just draw a curve on it. What I can do is make a curve on its underside which is flat but I can't manage to project that line on the top part...


Screenshot 2023-10-20 110929.png


Screenshot 2023-10-20 111738.png


Screenshot 2023-10-20 111817.jpg


Hi, it can be achieved with solid element operations, using the following steps:


  1. Create a rectangular plane with the morph tool, that cuts through the geometry onto which you want to project the curve.
  2. On the *menu bar* go to *design*, then *solid element operations*. In the solid element operations palette that pops up, pick the rectangular morph plane and set it as the target element, and the geometry you want to project the curve on as operator element, set the operation type as *intersection* and then execute
  3. You should have the rectangular morph plane disappeared, and in its place a curve cut on the surface of your geometry as if it is projected from a plane perpendicular to the plane of the original rectangular morph plane, perhaps more accurately it is a contour line, or a section cut outline.
  4. The "projected curve" is dynamic/interactive and updates to any changes to the geometry and plane used to create it in the solid element operation. If you do not want this behaviour interactive behaviour, and have it as a set, static element that does not change, and can be moved independently for example, select the curve, right click it, and pick "convert to morph."


See the images for example use.


1a. geometry on which to project curve.png


1b. intersecting rectangular morph plane.png

2. apply solid element operations seo.png


3. interactive projected curve.png


4. convert to static morph curve.png

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