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Stefan Videnov

Hi all,

I have 2 questions for this section:
1. The intersection with the slab is quite weird. The materials strenght are as shown in the screenshot, but the intersection is still rather bizar. Why is the topmost layer and the membrane going through the lift shaft?

2. When furntiure is placed next to the wall the line between the 2 disappears. How can I solve this, besides moving the furniture? 


Thank you!

Kind regards,






See if this link helps - Wall-Slab Intersection: Slab Finishes and Opening Thresholds

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Stefan Videnov

Not much, I understand the principles in general, I just can't find a solution for these 2 problems.


Hi Stefan, 


1. I think you will find that is covered by the help. Basically AC learnt to carry Finishes into door openings regardless of the Building Material strength.


A special case pertains, to allow continuous finishes between rooms within an interior openings threshold.

When an Opening (Door or Window) in a Wall is flush with the top of a Slab, then the Slab's finish skins will continue through the Wall regardless of skin intersection priorities (down to the Slab’s core skin). If the Opening is not flush with the Slab, then the regular priority-based connections are in effect.


2. I think is a long running "bug". Trying pulling the furniture a tiny amount from the wall e.g. 0.1mm. I know it isn't precision working, but it should be small enough that it doesn't impact the building or documentation.

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

Bring To Front,  Send Backward?  



Solid Element Operations?


Make sure fills and materials are not the same for the cabinet and the wall.  Check Overrides.  




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