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Using walls with file reference activated = works very slow


Hello! I'm using Archicad 26 but when I'm working plans with File Refetence activated, and i'm using walls, it's moving vey slow, takes 5 seconds to take the comand. Only with file reference activated and only walls  and windows works very slowly. Can u help me and tell me why is this happening? Thanks!



Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

When you say "File Reference" do you mean "Trace Reference"?

Do you use a Viewpoint or a View as Trace Reference? It is known that when Views are used as Trace Reference, it can cause slowness since Archicad has to generate twice the amount of data.

Also, in the Trace Reference Palette, there is a right-pointing arrow button to the right of the "Reference" field. Here you can specify which element types of the Reference should be shown. Try to turn off the element types you do not need to be displayed, see if that makes things faster.

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 I suppose it's the scale of the referenced drawing m /mm check working and importing units also measure between axes compared to dimension units, if wrong you can resize the drawing or reimport with the right units.


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