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Wall Accessory Elements- EQUITONE ventilated facade problems



I have been using archicad for about 2-3 years now for my university work and have recently been using the Accesories add on for wall extras, and now using the Equitone Ventilated facade from bimobject. It has been working well, even if tedious, but i have been trying for a while to create the panels layout design, and the manufacturer describes in previous and in current versions that maximum panel sizes are up to 3005mm, but when i try to make a panel layout that is 3000x732mm, it appears as an "oversized table". It seems as though the maximum size it "wants" is 2500mm. Is there any way to override this parameter, or to override somehow the visual display of the surface? The large text is ruining all of my drawings as I am trying to get it so that there is only line in between windows, as in the left of the attached image (the right being from what i have to change it.)



Elevation window with both objects selected, left is how i would like it to be but without the text, and on the right is what i had done before.



Newly edited objects settings 



Older objects settings


Operating system used: Windows

Barry Kelly

I am not sure how many people here will be using that object.

You may need to contact whoever created it.

Does the (i) information button offer any contact details?



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Ricardo Lopez

Hi @Bertea7 


Certainly the manufacturer has documented the product specifications as they are in reality, so the object may be limited by that and as @Barry Kelly mentioned, object creator should be the best option to contact to.

Anyway, just out of curiosity I downloaded the Equitone_Wall_Accesory-INT.lcf file from BIMobjetc site and after that I really encourage you to use Archicad's native Curtain Wall tool. It is very powerful and you could create your own Complex Profiles for the frames and that would give you more freedom to model whatever you need.



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