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Wall and beam in section view - wrong pens

Karol Lozinski
I've tried to find sollution on forum, but just coulnd't find right topic. Thing is with this:

I have a beam inside a wall and all I want to have is to see clean line around the beam like this

While all I get is this

What is weird is that when the beam is aside it all looks good. Just as soon as I align it within the wall it all messes up.

Please, please help. I am pulling my hair out for an hour now. I have already tried different material priorities, and took it to extreme, I have also tried layer priorities (which are "turned on" right now, the beam has "2" while wall "1") and the last image is the best I can get.
AC 26 Win 11

Right click => Display Order?

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Karol Lozinski
I forgot to mention - that was the first thing that I tried. Walls are at the most bottom and the beam is on the top.
AC 26 Win 11

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