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Window shows double cutting line in composite wall


When I put a window in a compound wall, it shows a double cutting line (Image 1), I have tried deactivating an option in the wall configuration (Image 3) but when doing so the cutting line disappears (Image 2) Any idea how to fix it?


Operating system used: Windows


1 (1).png


2 (1).png


3 (1).png


Barry Kelly

I think you will find it is showing only the one end line as it should.

It is just your window is not the full width between the columns, so you are seeing a tiny bit of wall at each end.

The window needs to be wider or you need to allow some kind of framing at the end.

Or maybe an opening oversize/

Sorry, I don't use the default windows so not sure what settings you can play with other than making the window wider.





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If you are wanting to show the plaster returns around the windows, there is a setting under:

Window Settings => Wall Opening => Wall Closure

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