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Automatic zone ID number


Hello, does anybody know how to automatically assign zone ID to zones in a proper order?
For example, when I add zone between room 2.12 and 2.13 I want all of the other zones to get +1 In their ID number.

Barry Kelly

Zones are not aware of any other zones.

If you have the ID set to auto increment, then each zone you place will have a n ID 1 higher than the last you placed.


If you want to change the IDs, you can do it manually.

Or use the Element ID Manager (look it up in the Help Reference) to re-number the IDs base on the order that you select the zones before using the Element ID Manager.


It is probably easy enough to fix them manually.

But I would wait until you are ready to finalise the numbers, rather than adjusting them all of the time.



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