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Creating zone list schedule totalizing different apartments area located on the same floor


The list should display the specific area of each space of the apartment (entrance,bathroom, kitchen, bedroom,etc) and also display the total area sumarizing each space. I am using 1 category for each space of the apartment, but then I cannot differentiate in the list what space correspond to what apartment. I know that when setting the schedule field with a flag type simbol I can create headlines of that field, for example of stories. So I guess the solution is in that direction but can´t figure it out yet.

I can´t find a tutorial on a similar case so I am very lost in this subject.


Unfortunately, OOB, Archicad has no capability to accomplish what you have described. Unless, you use a C++ AddOn or a Python script. The most common approach is to export your Zone data to a excel file and do your calculations there, assuming that you have previously set up the custom properties to receive the data results.

Alternatively,  area calculations are a easy, ideal application for a Python script. You might want to look at the posts of Mathias Jonathan as an example.

The real problem is presenting the results in a table in a professional manner. Archicad does not allow formatting or access to the schedules by either Python scripts or AddOns. But there are some vague promises in the “Ideas” preview section to add area and schedule calculations in probably the near future (10-20 years).

The solution that I use is to construct a professional table using  the same Python script and just past it into Archicad as a jpg image. A pain to maintain but works. The learning curve for Python is not difficult, as there are many instructional videos on YouTube. Most can get "up  to speed" in a month or two?


Windows 11 - Visual Studio 2022; ArchiCAD 27

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