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Ha! I got the first post! (I always wanted one on Slashdot, but I don't have that kind of free time!)
Tom Waltz

Laura Yanoviak
I had wondered why I never noticed this forum before -- this is a welcomed addition! LJY
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
This Cad Manager forum is 1-2 days old, probably that's why
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Wishes do come true, huh?

Now, management - please share your wisdom! Don't let me do a roll call! 😉

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Andy Thomson

It is great to finally see an entire section for this DG! I am sure I will find some more time to visit AC-Talk now.Frankly I was hoping AC10 would offer CAD managers more control over the templates and attributes, but as this is not the case, I would be interested to hear of others successes in the war against attribute chaos.

A senior GSUS guy was telling me that many firms are limiting the WE to prevent users from messing up attributes (ie. removing the pen table dialogue).

Personally, I can imagine this to be kindof annoying. I try to make accessible ALL tools for users, with the hopes that they will try to figure them out and use them correctly.

Anyways, thanks for adding this topic!

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Djordje wrote:
Wishes do come true, huh?

Now, management - please share your wisdom! Don't make me do a roll call! 😉
My belated thanks Djordje. I know my suggestions do get some small measure of attention, but it's especially nice to see such swift and direct results.

This forum does seem to be picking up some steam now. It will be interesting to see what happens here once 10 is in the wild.

Cheers all!

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