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Linking Separate 3D Massing Models between Archicad files


Hello, I'm curious if there are recommendations for linking two separate Archicad files.  I have to separate "working" Archicad files to produce construction documents with differing story settings, but these two structures sit next to eachother on the property and I would like to at least show the respective neighboring building in a conceptual way.  The IFC modules work okay and I've tried this method in the past, but for what I need, that imports too much information (e.g. it brings in the windows and doors and interferes with schedules, imports layers that I don't want, etc.).  Is there a good recommendation for a different file type to bring in that really simplifies the 3D information when importing it?   To give an example with Revit, you can reference a 3D model but it doesn't alter any of the "layers" or schedules, there's a simple hide or show toggle. 

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With different story settings hotlinking modules story by story is probably the only correct way. But this also depends on Archicad element properties.

Or, if you'd like to show just the neighboring building you could open that old project, hide all layers that handle everything internal (reduced data) and save the (selected) external elements with facades in correct 3d view as a library object which you can load into your new project file. It's not an approach which GS would recommend, but it's fairly simple.

Saving building as object!? - Graphisoft Community

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