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Survey Point not found in exported IFC - AC23


Hi All,


I've come across some issues related to Survey Point when exchanging IFC models with sub-consultants.


We have set up our Survey Point based on the survey drawing with the correct XYZ coordinate. We exported an IFC model to various sub-consultants and some managed to turn it on and align their models to ours, but some couldn't see it. 


We have tested it ourselves by opening the IFC model we exported, and to our surprise we couldn't locate the SP. We have tested and made sure before the IFC export the SP is visible both in 2D (crosshair and coordinates) and 3D (same info with the cone shape). Yet this can't be found after we re-imported back in AC. 


This was also reimported into Revit and no SP was found. 


Can anyone please confirm if SP can be seen/obtained from an AC exported IFC model? I would imagine it's possible as some sub-consultants of ours have managed to find and align their models to ours. But I'm confused as why can't we see it in either AC or Revit after import? 

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Make sure the IFC Site Location field is set correctly in the IFC Translators Dialog.


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Thank you @Laszlo Nagy . We have checked that but after exporting, and then reimporting into Archicad we were still unable to see the Survey Point in 3D. The alternative we came up with was to model a cone pointing to the same location - but this feels like it defeats the purpose of having the Survey Point. 

MacBook Pro M1 2020 8GB Memory | macOS Monterey 12.3.1