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What does saving as mod mean?


1. Does the mod file's path disappear?
2. I'm not sure if it's accurate, but it seems like GDL files cannot be saved with ctrl+S.
3. Isn’t it better to hotlink with PLA than save with mod?

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A MOD file only includeds model elements and floorplan data and requires the host to have all of the relevant libraries and attributes loaded. It is faster to save and to update then using full PLN files or PLAs. One place to use MODs is if you are doing Hotlinks with the iceberg method.


I also use MODs for site plans where I save out only the exteriors of buildings, or relevant parts required for perspectives. This helps keep the file size down as well as reducing the out-of-date notifications from when you change any minor thing in your buildings.




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Could you please explain a little more about the "iceberg method"?

I understood you to mean that in general, you should work with PLN and use it only in fixed cases such as 3D, since you will be doing a lot of modifications such as GDL. ^^

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Karl Ottenstein

Explained in the Graphisoft Hotlink Guide PDF ... which is free for SSA/Forward members by entering the code as shown:


Iceburg not mentioned... but that method is storing the module info on negative stories (like an iceburg has so much more under the water than above) ...  A recent thread with opinions:


Not iceburg, but see also:


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Karl, I have SSA activated for my account, but it still says the document under the link you provided is 25$.
How can I access it? 

It is not so clear but there are two buttons.

Click the 'Enter access code' one and enter the access code 'FORWARD'.




If you are an SSA/Forward subscriber, you should then have access for free.



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Thanks, but I get "Incorrect access code, try again." after I enter 'FORWARD'.

But when I check my profile information (/user/information/), it says "SSA: Yes".

Hello Barry, @wkrt-hs ,

As a Forward/SSA client you can access the E-book free of charge by adding it into your shopping cart and applying the FORWARD coupon code there. Please note that the coupon code will only work if you have your Archicad license connected to your Graphisoft ID. You can find more instructions here: 


If you experience any issues, please reach out to us at and we'll help you sort it out.


All the best,

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