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door schedule


i have set up my door schedule and it is not interactive with the plan!  door D-M08C

Will not even change when i make changes in floor plan.  I have 4 levels due to a split level required by the site.  This explains the door numbers m=main l=lower ms-main split & ls-low split.  This works well with the floor levels and auto order of schedule.  This one door d-mo8c will just not respond to changes except for on the plan.   On the schedule it remains in an incorrect width and height.  Can anyone give me an idea of what i might be doing wrong.  This has taken way to long to do as i have to keep going back to the floor plan.  A few of the doors have not aligned in order also.  I was not able to enclose a screen shot as my dell keyboard has died and the new board did not work for screenshot either.


It would help if you retype this in lower case, and maybe add a couple screen shots.

Also your system and AC version will help. It's a good idea to put that in your signature