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Resolved! Viewport goes Red when switching to a 3D view.

This issue has been happening for several months but it often happens so fast that I can't get a screenshot. When switching views to a 3D view, the viewport will often flash red and then return to normal. There are no error messages, no data corrupti...

New Apple Mac Pro and 6K Retina Display announced

So, Apple announced these today: So, what do you guys think about the "cheese grater" (I read some...

Resolved! On Screen Information is Unavailable

I have no idea what the correct description of the problem is so I apologise for the Subject Title. Here is my problem : When I hover my cursor over a Toolbox selection (or Palette etc) there is no on screen description appearing. It is working in AC...

Gareth by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

3D View Problem - Perspective vs Axonometric

I am suddenly experiencing some issue with the 3d view of my model. Although everything is modelled in the storey levels, when switching to 3D view (Perspective), it is empty (even when employing the "fit to scream/zoom extents" tool. When switching ...

Resolved! Edit elements in Cinema 4D greyed out.

Hi In my latest project I used to use the C4D add-on frequently. Until yesterday when editing selected elements option became unavailable. I'm not sure what is causing this problem since I didn't change anything( as far as I know). Though, today I up...

Artur by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Installation Error

Hi Friends. im trying to install ArchiCAD-22 and m recieving an error. The Error appears at the start f the installation and reads, "ARCHICAD 22 Installer detected that the operating system on the computer is out-of-date. Installation could not be st...

Archicad 21 startup is very slow

Hello, fellow archicaders. Here is the problem: Everytime I open Archicad, whether on my workstation or my laptop, it takes about one minute until the Open Project window appears. I have an Archicad license with a hardware key (Codemeter). The funny ...

ZenoA by Newcomer
  • 1 replies