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Shadows not displaying in section


I am trying to display shadows in section, but cannot see them. 

When I however over the wall I can see that the shadow is being cast, pictured belowScreenshot 2023-10-04 211628.pngScreenshot 2023-10-04 211702.png


Pretty sure there is a Graphic Override currently at work, no?!

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No there is no graphic override on now!




Laurentiu C

I would need a screenshot of the entire Section Settings - Model Appearance tab to say for sure, but I think it's because of the Fade Distant Elements. If an element is faded (outside of the faded edge that you control in floorplan), it does not receive shadows.

Edit: It's not that, you do have the checkmark for faded elements to have a shadow.

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Here are all my settings for model appearance, I have also tried restarting my computer a few times.

Barry Kelly

Have you used zones in your rooms?

I am wondering if they are hiding what is behind them.



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Hi Barry,


No zones used, I've only used basic elements, walls, slabs, windows, doors etc.

With your mouse please hover over the wall like you did in this screenshot here, but this time also caputre the info panel that is cut off. Sometimes there might be valuable information written in there.

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Try changing your Uncut Fill setting from "Nothing" .

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That worked!! thank you so much. 

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