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Thoughts about new Graphisoft Learn Program

Reinhard Copenraid
I have a question that has been bothering me for quite a long time.
I'll start far away.
As a user of Archicad, I am very concerned about the fact that recently, in large building corporations, Revit's knowledge is more and more needed. Archicad becomes a solution for small architectural practices, it means a different level of earnings (at least in my country).
However, I invest a lot in training with Archicad.
Recently, Graphisoft introduced the new Graphisoft Learn Program and the new Model Authoring Bundle. Now, paid training courses are held not only for BIM managers but also for ordinary modelers. So a modeler applying for a not the most profitable position for small architectural practice has to pay almost the same price for the Model Authoring Bundle as for a BIM Manager applying for a more profitable position.
In the end I caught myself thinking that an ordinary user does not make money with Graphisoft, but only Graphisoft makes money from users?
The thought that instead of winning the competition with Revit on the market, Graphisoft only thinks about how to get more out of users who still remain is very crushing.
I make such an assessment because I can see that you can earn more with Revit.
Do you find that we are not making money with Graphisoft but only Graphisoft is making money from users ?


I'll answer your question with another one. You got yourself an expensive drilling machine and don't know how to use all the specials that come with it. The manufacturer offers you some drilling lessons, which you need to pay for. But you don't want to as the other guy has another expensive drilling machine and he is already making money drilling holes. Do you want to learn how to drill precise and better holes than him or not? Archicad is just one of the tools available on the market...

I've been an Archicad user since v.4.5 and have tried to follow and use each new function and adopt my workflow with every new Archicad version. Then I decided to invest some time (and money) into the BIM Manager program. My first GS Learn program, ever. It was money (and time) well spent.

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You are right, it can be compared on the example of the drilling machine.
So you have such a drilling machine and you are looking for a job with such a tool and you enter the website with job offers and you can see that 80 percent of the offers (offers from serious companies) are directed to people who have a drilling machine from another company. And the decision which machine makes better holes is made not by you but by other things, and this companies willing to pay more for  person who owns the machine from another company.
In the event that I work alone, customers often wish that the holes should be made with a different drilling machine. That's it.
Will you be willing to invest further in drilling lessons after this if you see that your machine requires a lot of investment but is less needed on the market?
Of course you can enjoy yourself thinking that you are making better holes, high probability is true but it's all about earnings.

And one more thing, I’ll tell you a little secret, working in large companies you can learn more in practice than theory on the BIM Manager course. At the same time, when working in a company, you will have practical knowledge, experience, and you can even earn money.


Thank you for sharing that little secret. I've been working as an independent architect for 20+ years and just recently started a new BIM manager and architect job in a larger practice. We are still in a BIM transition process and learning, but we have all kind of drilling tools here and we all drill holes on same projects. Open BIM rules.

As you said, it's up to you only. Learn, if you want to. Or don't. Of course GS wants to make money in any possible way. As do you.

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Thanks for your reply.

It is interesting to know the opinions of users.

Mahmoud Qenawi

If you like my opinion I see it depends on your priorities (time, cost, quality & comfort) which one is leading your choice?

if time so choose the market leader software which will give you more opportunities.

if cost then choose the cheaper software ( product & services included ).

if quality that depends on your projects’ requirements and which software is giving you the desired result.

if comfort so choose Archicad and invest in.


Since you brought that topic, another thing has been bothering me for quite a long time.

Why Graphisoft even bother getting into shoes of courses provider. I am not saying that their courses are bad, I never bought any of it, but shouldn't they as a software company rather focus on delivering better product and increase their revenue from getting more clients?

In their case it is probably due to the very limited and often outdated resources out there for new, prospective or up-spec-ing users...

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Based on my understanding, the guys at Graphisoft HQ observed over the years that just buying the program is not enough to have happy customers. If those customers do not learn and know how to use the software the way it was intended then they may not reap the full benefit of having it and some companies may even fail. So it is very important to teach people how to use Archicad properly so they will become successful with it, use it efficiently, gain an edge over their competition, etc. All those learning materials serve that purpose.

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Exactly. This is the main objective here. Archicad can be used out of the box, but in a world with more and more complex buildings within a wide collaboration field using BIM processes, you need to comply with some agreed standards. There is no ready to be used solution for that, as those standards can be different not only based on your location, but also on a project to project basis. If you want to reach every set standard objective you need to know you ways within Archicad functionalities. Some of those are beyond the famous Archicad intuitiveness and you need to dig deeper into not only all available functions, but also adopt your Archicad workflow. The Learn program offers help with that, on many different levels. From basic to complex modeling up to Archicad BIM management.

More educated users will help gaining the edge over the competition, also true. But at this one I would argue that GS should reconsider the price tags policy. Better accessibility conditions would have an impact on the applicants numbers.

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Yes i agree with you totally about learn portal and hope for better accessibility conditions by reconsidering the price policy as you said and I hope they add discussion section to all videos for better understanding to the inputs and outputs logical reasons.

Also I feel the community represents the other hand to learn portal, It helped me enhance my Archicad skills in the right way which all users with different levels of experience are using and BTW it was different from which I learned initially despite it was by an authorized training center.

I see Archicad is as a language you should learn from native speakers.

While i understand your point and do agree that some of these courses are needlessly expensive, i think you are directing your anger at the wrong place. Blaming Archicad because revit users might earn more is like being angry at contractors because doctors earn more than architects. Its a choice. Some might think its unfair, others wont.


More interesting though would be to ask ourselves, how we, as an industry, have let a software like revit have so much power in our lives?   "Because everyone uses it" i hear, but when so much people conform to the status quo without even atempting to go against it,  something is wrong with us, not revit or Archicad. 


The way i see it, you have 3 options: 

A)wait for Graphisoft to lower their prices.

B) switch to revit which might, just might, make you earn more, while sacrificing your sanity.

C)go all in with Archicad, make the most of it and make the people that choose revit feel bad about themselves.


I won't be holding my breath for A.

Barry Kelly

Some of the training stuff in the Learn portal is free to all users.

More is free to those that have a Select or Forward agreement with Graphisoft.


The other courses that are not free, just imagine you created such in depth resources.

Would you really want to share it with everybody and not recoup any costs at all?


Whether the paid courses are too expensive is a matter of perspective.

In the short term, yes they probably do seem expensive.

But when you consider the many years of potential benefits you will gain from them, then probably they are not.



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