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Adjusting Length of Grid Element

Lubangakene Brian

Hello ,

in my workflow , i always start with the zone tool then, walls and then Gridlines, so i prefer offsetting a copy of  a Grid to using the grid system, (the pain is the Grid names aren't Automatic and you have to type in each manually), is there a way to make this Automatic?

And also can i stretch the length of multiple gridlines at at once?

Then lastly can i display the Element ID  instead of Grid name in the marker?


Greetings from Uganda


Custom Grid Markers for Grid Tool - Graphisoft Community


1. Renaming automatically is an API problem.
2. Is it possible to stretch multiple grid lines with Stretch?????
3. Marker As mentioned in the above article, it is not difficult to change the GDL Marker, but it seems that it is not possible yet because there is no way to designate the changed Marker.

AC27 on window 11

I agree with you.


Even if GDL is edited, ID can be displayed only when it is first created, and if ELEMENT is edited, a different marker seems to be used.


This is an expedient premise of the theory that the embedded libarary takes precedence.


AC27 on window 11
Lubangakene Brian

Thanks very much i will continue with the work around for now