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Detail Marker and Skin List Label

Oh My --- I had not explored this until now. I have no idea how long the skin list label has been working inside of Detail Markers. The last time i really looked at this you had to extract information from the name of the cut-fill.... and i just refused to do that.
I see that i can now extract all of the basic Building Material Data via the Skin Label from the Building Material Fill that shows up in the detail marker... This is really really nice...
Now - when will we be able to also extract from the building material fills inside of the detail, classifications and custom properties that are attached to the building material? This would be really huge and provide an end-point connection of the BIM data directly into 2D drafting.... oh my!!!!
I'd say this is on my "we need this right now" list of things to do.
Gary Ford
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David Shorter

definitely a big missing part for documentation when using BM fills. Access to properties for labels is a huge missing option

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