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Drawing manager improvements


Hi all,


Just wanted to share some thoughts on Drawing manager and the quality of life improvements it could use. Please feel free to add to the list.


1. File size column

So we can quickly identify any large linked items


2. Option to export data

Csv or excel for project auditing


3. Option to import data

Combined with export would allow for remapping file paths


4. Intelligent relinking
See how Adobe manages this. If one missing file is relinked from new location it looks for other missing files in the same place.


5. Filtering

BIM manager

6. Types column.
Some icons (dwg, pdf) have text while others don't. Perhaps add text to all types so it is easier to see? Or perhaps replace with text instead of icon. Filtering would come in really handy here as well.

BIM manager

4. Every program that you can xRef into should be doing this... Zzz...

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