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Railings and model view options

Mathias Jonathan


Railings can be simplified via the model view options, which is great, but very limited as it is.

I'd like to see this Model View Options management improved on these two points:
-Possibility of modifying the simplified version at the level of the individual railing itself.
-Possibility of forcing "full display" for a railing.


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

So you wish is basically that we should be able to set individual Railings to Full, Simplified, or Schematic, overriding the global MVO setting for the given Railing?

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Mathias Jonathan

Yes, and to be able to choose the attributes for the given railling: actually, all raillings have to share the same surface, line/cut line !


I often use guardrails for purposes other than those originally intended.

For example, a facade screen, contextual elements (lamp posts....)... (non-exhaustive list).

Switching to simplified mode doesn't let me do that



Having a simplified version is very powerful and consistent with the rest of the software, but as it stands, it's very constrained and not very usable (the fact that all railings share the same attribute shows the limit of the current version).

I would say that this is needed not only for railings but for all elements. The graphical representation of elements is ultimately view dependent and not something intrinsic to the element. Model view options are inline with that but flawed in the presupposition that all elements of one type should be have the same representation in one view. Whether it is due to modelling tools being used based on geometry input rather than element type or due to different level of detail requirements for different elements of the same typ (eg. existing windows in an adjacent building) - we should be able to apply different MVO using criteria.

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