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Render output manager

I would like to have some sort of manager for the render output. Even though a lot of rendering is done using external software, it is still promoted as an internal feature and I personally use it a lot during the design process. I find it tedious to work with all the image tabs and think it could be sorted by a render output manager.


Basically it would be a dedicated window for render output (instead of multiple tabs) and a manager/palette controlling which render output to show in the window. Enhanced functionality would be to save render settings/info and perhaps even view with the output. Additionally some options for saving the images. Being able to attach the image to the project file would be awesome or better yet saving to a directory and reading it from there.

Tim Ball

Have you tried using Publisher to handle and export renders?

Tim Ball

AC26, iMac

User since V5

It's a while since I used it but you can iirc publish an internal rendered image. I stopped doing it as the render process was quite slow a few versions back on older hardware and I realised the re-render frequently wasn't worth the time, especially if nothing changed in the image. These days I would just save the render and import it to a drawing sheet if it required updating, or have a dedicated Publisher Set. 

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

What I mean with internal render output is the image that is opened in separate windows. Using the internal engine in the design process (in contrast to publishing) creates quite a few of those.

Publish to an external file location in the background and link the internal image you want to that file. Keep the filename the same for continuity of the internal link

Tim Ball

AC26, iMac

User since V5

The issue is to manage the output in form of the images that opens in separate windows when rendering during the design process as or while setting up views for render as visual notes/test. Some of which are just to be discarded right away, some at the end of the session and some of which should be kept through out the project. Making a view or even a layout is only extra work and clutter.

Benjamin Dani

Dear All,


Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this request!


I'm glad to say that we took notice and we have added this wish into our Wish list database.
(For future reference, you can refer to it as IDEA-12377)

I hope we see this get implemented in the future.


Have a great day!

Best regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer