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Request: Updated entrance symbol object


Dear Graphisoft


I would like to request an update for the enctrance symbol object. I would like the object to

- Be visible in 3D (prefered with 0 thickness).

- Be defined by the view scale instead of having a fixed size in mm.

- Have no outline pen. Fill and surface only.

- Have two viewing options: One for the home story and one for stories above.

Our current workaround is to model the entrance symbols as zones but that has limitations.

I hope the request is possible to implement and requires little GDL programming. 



Out of curiosity, why do you model the symbol with a zone, instead of a morph or a slab, for example? Are there any properties you need from zones you do not get from the other ones?

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I avoid using slabs as their material priority may interfere with the landscaping. I prefer zones over morphs since it gives me the option to show the zone stamp in plan view, eg. to show the street address in plan view. Does that answer your question? 

Yes, it does. I know that is not the optimal solution, but it seems like the best option for you right now is to create a custom object with GDL, since it looks like a very specific request; but I might be wrong and there is a bigger need of this feature in the AC community.

AC 26 INT & POR 4019
Windows 11


A basic shape with a single line of text that scales with the view is pretty easy to script.

1 or 2 Parameter for your text if it needs to be modifiable and possibly your marker background

Poly2_B to draw your shape in 2D which is defined by corners. If you have arcs, you will need to know your center points.

TEXT2 for your 2D text

TEXT for your 3D text

"MUL2 GLOB_SCALE, GLOB_SCALE" will match it to your drawing scale.

Plane_ to draw your shape in 3D which is also defined by corners.


If none of it needs to be modifiable, you could just:

Draw it in 3D

Select and Save-As Object

Draw it in 2D, copy, open your new object, and paste the 2D into the 2D Symbol.

In the 2D script, "MUL2 GLOB_SCALE, GLOB_SCALE" then Fragment2 




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Benjamin Dani

Hello All,


Thank you very much for discussing your ideas and opinions!


I'm happy to say that we have added this wish into our Wish list database, under WISH-12579.

I hope it will be implemented in the future.


Best regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer

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