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UI Question from Revit user switching to AC has good point

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So, apparently in Revit these days, their equivalent to Drawings (views placed in layouts) have "smart" boundaries that will allow you to clip the model portions viewed, with a secondary offset boundary further out for annotations and dimensions. This sounds like it would make enlarged plans on complex jobs a lot easier.

We've tried two approaches to this in our firm over the years:

Masks (fills with solid white background) tied to layer combinations to hide the unnecessary model data

Secondary view, with layer combo just for annos & Dims, which is overlaid on the layout - allows us to pull in the model boundary separately from the dims & annos. In essence this is an imitation of what I'm hearing is default in Revit - except ours is manually resized, manually registered, where theirs tracks.

How hard would it be for GS to do something like the Revit approach to make this particular task more automated?

Would most users find this a worth it feature?
Karl Ottenstein
If you'd like this wish 'counted' by Graphisoft... please copy/paste your message into a new topic in the "Annotation Wishes" forum here, using the standard polling that will be created automatically there. And... after posting... be sure to vote in your own poll.

I can delete this thread once you get that one started. Thanks. 😉
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
Maybe you could give some more detailed info to people about why this feature is beneficial in your opinion so people would have a greater understanding of what they are voting on. Like why this is a better workflow or what are the advantages of having a separate boundary just for Annotations.
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Eduardo Rolon
This could be achieved if we had a "live" detail or worksheet option that crops an area from the floor plan. So that we don't need to keep having to manually "update" them.

This can be done with sections and elevations since for them you can specify the ranges of the drawing.

For the Offset I have always used manually placed Hotspots to define the final size of the view.
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