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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

WISH: Dimension string option - text placement option


We are finding an increasing amount of wasted time cleaning up dimension strings to make them more readable on drawings to reduce the risk of errors on site. We have found over the years that moving all the "small" dimensions below the line greatly improves readability. The other benefit of the method is that it prevents dimension texts getting too close to the strings above. As you can imagine, this is a lot of manual work which takes a lot of time. 


Wish: a tick box added to either Classic or Centred option to "place small dimensions below the line":




There will clearly still be some cleanup required in congested areas but automatic placement of the bulk of small dimensions like this will save a lot of time.

AC26 (INT) MacOS Ventura 13.4
Gerry Leonor

and if there are multiple small dimensions next to each other, have them stack cleanly to one side (above or below the dim line) & retain the tick-box that toggles the pointer on/off.


i don't mind the manual cleanup myself, but even a simple stacking capability would be helpful.

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