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IFC export - Missing Meshes

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We're finding that whenever we export a project to IFC, no matter what classifications, translators or mapping we use the site meshes never export. Has anyone else found this problem, and found a solution? We use the our of the box classifications & translators but always seem to have issues!

Much of the time everything also exports as IfcBuildingElementProxyType too, with no obvious logical reason (walls are classified as walls, etc but still come out wrong!) It's obviously something we're doing this end, but although sometimes we get it to work there never seems to be one solution!


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Apologies, I should point out that we check out saved IFC file in Solibri and the mesh doesn't show up there, nor does it appear in Revit when our engineers open the file.


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As I can remember, a mesh is tagged as "ifcsite" (or so..) and in the "element/domain-export filter" ifcsite is not included in the group of exported ifc-typs to ifc...

best regards from Vienna,

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