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[Wish] FBX: import cameras




Firstly, I think it is very handy to have FBX in the import-export options for AC27.

It has room for improvements: 


Use case

In my workflow I use FBX files to exchange cameras between software, especially when matched to existing photographs. I've tried importing cameras to Archicad 27, but it fails, as no meshes are present in the file. I guess this means, that camera objects are not supported at the moment.


Archicad has a feature to match photos, but it is quite hard to use in my (and others') opinion.

I am recently using the following Blender addon and it works flawlessly so far:


Available on Gumroad:


I can use the created cameras in e.g. C4D via exporting an FBX file, but I cannot do the same with Archicad.

I think the current FBX importer should be extended to include camera objects, it would make projects easier.


Possible workaround?

In the meantime one could map the camera coordinates and rotation values to the camera settings and adjust the position accordingly, but I haven't done it yet:


Camera object values in Blender 

- defines position and rotation explicitly (C4D does it the same way)

- field of view is based on photographic terminology (sensor size and focal length can be entered according to EXIF information, knowing the camera body and the lens used)


Camera settings in Archicad 

- defines position in a fragmented way (X and Y is set graphically, Z is set in the settings dialog)

- rotation is set implicitly (on the floor plan, and calculated between camera and target height positions)

- it is not using traditional photographic values (e.g. focal length and sensor size insted of "view cone")



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