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Make Archicad (27) Faster


Hello together,


Do I overlook something or is it true?

Nobody has written here about this issue?


Now in Version 27 it seems almost impossible to work with trace... (... or to modify curtain walls)... If you've just a few items in a project.


So I ask for improving the performance... that we can at least work with the "same speed" in 27  like in previous versions.


And moreover...

Just working in sections and elevation... at least if we've some few trees...

after any little action, any little modification... you wait, and wait and wait. (even shadow is off, of course...


If I sum up all this time, I've just to wait...I sometimes spent nearly the half of my working day with waiting in case I have and want to work a lot in such model views. (not to mention working with layouts...)


Can that be true in 2024?


(I don't have an very old Computer here...)

ARCHICAD for Future

archicad versions 8-27 | mac os 13 | win 10

Check here:




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