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ArchiCad 21, Teamwork and Windows 7

I run ArchiCad from two computers. One with Windows 7 and one with Windows 10. On both machines ArchiCad runs fine. I have worked on solo projects on both with out issues. The problem is that on the Windows 7 machine when I try to connect to a Teamwo...

Schedule publishing

I have to schedule publishing. Selected set to be published every 3 day at midnight. Is there any way to solve it? Other than using some stupid solution like mouse cursor macro is there any proper option? I really believe that this function above a p...

daninet by Newcomer
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BimCloud for v21?

We started using BimCloud fairly recently and I'd like to get it updated to work with v21 now that it's out. I don't see any BimCloud updates on the download pages - anybody know if it's available somewhere? When BC was first setup, someone from grap...

Chris B by Newcomer
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Custom Door Leafs from 20 disappear in 21 Teamwork

So we just ported over a project from 20 to 21. All 50 of our CUSTOM DOOR PANELS are no longer available in the CUSTOM LEAF MENU of any door. Any fix? I'm looking at a 3d view with a ton of EMPTY OPENINGS.. I've tried even creating NEW LEAFS and they...

ArchiCAD - Illustrator interoperability

A colleague with whom I work and uses Adobe Illustrator cannot select elements (lines, fills, etc.) in PDFs that I save/publish in ArchiCAD. He has no difficulty editing PDFs from other sources. What gives? Thanks.

Level Dimensions

Hi all, I need to add up about 100 level dimension values. Having never needed schedules or lists, is this possible in a schedule or element list? cheers

Best format for topographic data?

Hi! I was asked to produce an Archicad compatible 3D terrain model for a client. Now all the tutorials on the web focus on creating "site models" from "surveyors data", that is from 3D points. Since I have the original data (a dense grid), i could do...

Remodeling apartments

Hi, does anybody have any pdf, or knows some websites in wich i could learn about remodeling apartments, houses, and renovation in general? Thanks in advance.

Exporting Columns with veneers to IFC

Hi, We are exporting a whole bunch of columns to IFC from AC20 and all of them have veneers around a core element. When we bring it into Solibri for checking, Solibri tells us that the columns have 0mm length/height creating a ton of issues in the re...

Asset survey

I have been asked by a long standing client to carry out a survey of all the M&E assets in his five storey approximately 200 room building which I have as a current AC model. The kind of things to pick up are relatively simple e.g. domestic grade fit...