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Help Creating Bill of Materials Using Building Materials

Hello All, I have been a long time Archicad user and fan of the forum, and this is my first post. I am experimenting with Schedules to create a bill of quantities using expressions applied to materials. I want this to be able to react live in Archica...

owle by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program

Some of you may have heard of the GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program, our initiative to educate existing and future BIM Managers on how to implement BIM in their practices and manage projects using BIM workflows, as it has been around for a few years now...

Pantelis by Participant
  • 9 replies

Export DWG to World Coordinates

This is probably more of a wish than a question but interested to see other users workarounds. I set files up to a local origin close to 0,0 and use the survey point so that IFC can export to global coordinates (GC) which works great most of the time...

DWG Rennovation Filter problem

Hello, I've been trying to copy/paste a separate .dwg file into my current Archicad 23 project, but keep getting this window: "The elements on the clipboard cannot be pasted because they are hidden in the current Rennovation Filter. Change to a Renov...

IFC Type/Type Name

Are the IFC Properties and generated automatically on Export as a combination of Material and Thickness with no possibility to change them - or do I have missed something in the Settings? Is there any chance to change this?

JSN by Booster
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Geodesy point / UCS / map

Hi and hello I am looking for the best method of synchronizing coordinate systems between files. I have a .dwg map from a surveyor, which is already embedded in the coordinate system in which the industry works: roll:. So far, through "merge" I have ...

Publisher Set and environment variables

Hi We use Dropbox for our files. Unfortunately we are almost unable to use Dropbox with the Archicad Publisher set. The problem is, that every user has a different path to the project. For example John has this path: C:\Windows\Users\John\Dropbox\Tes...

IFC Data exchange with Revit

Hi Guys, i'm using ArchiCAD in a revit environnment, so the data exchange solution would be IFC format, exchange would be with Revit MEP, Revit structure, and sometimes Revit Architecture, also ROBOT and Tekla. I read topics here, and some users talk...

Classifications in Modules AC23

I have created some modules in which I have applied Classifications to elements. I have noticed some of these are incorrect in the host schedule. Opening up the .Mod file to make the relevant changes I have found the categories list has been truncate...