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Door schedule questions

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1. Should door schedules shows doors from the inside of building or outside?
2. How would I change inside to outside? I am using Cadimage schedules.
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1. Usually from the outside. (Reminds me of a note a former colleague put on his drawings years ago - "Please note all internal glazing is viewed from the outside" )

2. Use the Rotate command (CMD-E / CTRL-E is the default shortcut) to change the orientation (indside / outside) then mirror if necessary (if not symmetrical). Mirror-ing may well stuff up schedule elevations, so for any asymmetrical windows it may pay to ensure opening panes are placed correctly, and door / window is not mirrored. Use the "Text to indicate Mirrored doors and windows" field (usually with an * ) in the DW marker to indicate the ones you need to fix.

I think when you are placing Cadimage doors and windows now you are supposed to select the outside face of the wall initially, then direction of placement. I've still not gone as far as a window schedule with 18 yet, so I'm not entirely sure what the implications are further down the track.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Stu, sorry I should have mentioned I am using Archicad doors & windows with Cadimage schedules.
I definitely have the doors placed correctly, there are casings on the outside in the dialogue box & outside on plan.
But they are showing on the schedule viewed from inside.
This plan was started in Start Edition 2014, then moved into AC18
I have just opened a new plan file (AC18) placed some doors, opened the door schedule all show from outside!
Barry Kelly
The floor plan view in a schedule you have no choice - it is simply the 2D symbol - that is the only option you have.

But for the elevation view you do have parameter fields to choose from the 'Opening' and 'Reveal' side and also the 'Opposite of Opening' and 'Opposite of Reveal' sides.

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There are no parameters in Cadimage schedules that I can find to change any settings for the door.
Attached is screen shot of door from the plan & the schedule
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I have sent file to tech support, its a glitch in the translation between Archicad doors & Cadimage schedule.
Priority fix for next update.
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