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How to know if entities are on a story?


Again I have been given a file to work with that has issues. Because Archicad shows most entities on multiple stories, it is not so easy to know what story each entity is on which story without selecting them individually.


Ultimately, I want to eliminate some stories that are creating confusion (for floor framing and floor level). Part of the problem is that most of the 3D model was created by ignoring stories, and that happened because the user did not understand how to use stories.


If I turn on all layers, How can I identify entities on a particular story even though other entities on other stories also are visible? I don't want to delete the entities, I do want to delete the stories yet I don't want the entity's height to change. If nothing resides on a Story in between, I should be able to delete it right?


I only need two floors and the site. The footings are at multiple heights and will not have a story.


Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 3.39.12 PM.png

Todd Oeftger
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Steve Jepson

One way is to use an Interactive Schedule.  Then you could Group them if you like.   Then you could use the Renovaton Tool as a filter.  Lots of ways to do it. 

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Barry Kelly

I am not sure if this will help in what you are doing, but you can filter the 3D view to show just particular storeys.

Then when you 'show in 3D- (Filtered)', it will show only what is in the filtered layers.

It won't show anything that is on a different home storey layer but is set to display on another layer.




You should then be able to select what you see in that storey and then 'Relink home storey' to move it to another storey.



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Hotlink and explode into a file with the amended stories? You could then delete the building elements on the floorplan of the original, amened the stories and do the same back to retain your views? 2D drafting in sections and elevations is independent of story structure right? I have never tried.

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I have a Graphic Override set up that assigns a different surface colour to each element according to home storey. This give a quick overview whatever the layer / view status when viewing the model in 3D.

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Erwin Edel

I ussually add a nice big chunk of height to choice stories to see what moves up and down in the 3D model.


I use this same trick when I need to change story height, but don't want everything to move in vertical position.


Also a handy trick if you need to quickly see which elements are linked to upper stories to determine their height.

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Barry - That's brilliant. I've experienced the same issue when trying to help users who have created unnecessary stories that we've determined should be deleted. Filtering the elements by home story, then using Relink Home Story (changing the story association without changing the elevation), will make fast work of this cleanup task!

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