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Issue with importing 3Ds

Julia Ozols

ArchiCad 26 INT
Installed Goodies_Suite-26-INT-3000-1.0

Installed Archicad-26-INT-Update-5002-1.1
No menu 3ds studio appeared
Any tips, what may be wrong?

2023-03-30 15_16_08-Untitled - Archicad 26.jpg

Have you added the Goodies library to your file?

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Barry Kelly

If you have installed the goodies after you have already used 26, there is a bug where the commands will not be added to the menus.


Solution is to manually add the commands to your menus in the Work Environment.

Or easier, is to re-install Archicad itself

No need to un-install.

Re-install and use the 'repair' option if it is offered.

Do not start Archicad.

Install the goodies.

Install the latest update.

Now start Archicad and the commands should be there.




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2 versions later.....Had to do this for version 27 as well.  

Also note, I imported my Work Environment of my previous uses and now the 3D Studio is missing.   

Now I can go through and apply this to my old settings, but I think it would be nice to just right click in these fields then go to the version I want and paste the option I just right clicked on.  Maybe, some how apply the feature of the Project Chooser > so you can easily see what you get, then I can have the Default version 27 and see the (in this case) 3D Studio then drag it over to my current settings.  This is a feature if you're not familiar with or do not use over and over you have to do a refresh course to get things to work correctly.  Just saying, "work Smarter not Harder".

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