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Resolved! Function "edit module in another archicad"

Hello !I don't know if other has the problem, but the "edit module in another archicad", which would be super useful while selecting an object in the 3D view, doesn't actually work when I click on it. Would be appreciated if anyone had a solution, or...

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Resolved! How do I Save Custom Door and Window Marker?

Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure out how and where to save the custom markers that I have made for my doors and window so that I can import them into my future projects and template. I see the option "load other window-door marker..." and would be ...

Offset Sides-Fixed Area

How do you change the size of a space keeping the fixed area? In the Pet Palette does not the fixed area comand

Marika by Participant
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Placing railings on stairs

Below is some pictures showing the results when trying to place some railings on a set of stair. The upper left shows the floor layout of the stairs. I initially created the outside railing starting at the bottom of the stairs. Note that when selecti...

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Resolved! Break Line not showing on stairs that start below Home Storey.

Hi all, We have a housing project that has slight variation in floor heights across multiple buildings. We have set our stairs to show a break line at a certain riser (see first image). This works of in most cases (see second image) but if any of the...

BenATA by Booster
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