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Schedule curtain wall

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Hello, I would like to make the elevations of the curtain walls to appear in the table but it doesn't show up.
Can you help me?
James B
Only a preview of the Scheme can scheduled.

This is a technical limitation, because the preview can only show what is stored in the settings dialogue. The length and boundary shape aren't stored in the settings dialogue only in the element itself - like the polygon shape of a Slab.

EDIT: Ok, I see you meant the elevation. This support hasn't been added. The elevation I think currently only support doors/windows, and CW frames/panels components.
James Badcock
Graphisoft Senior Product Manager
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So, no way to put elevations?
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Some curtain wall do not appear correct.
Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
mhoude wrote:
Some curtain wall do not appear correct.

Thank you for your questions!

First, unfortunately, at the moment it was not possible to show the elevation of the Curtain Wall in Schedules yet. There is an existing wish for this in our Wish List library already.

Second, regarding the wrong preview for Curtain Wall in schedule, unfortunately I was unable to reproduce this. Could you share with me a sample of your project for further investigation? Please let me know if you need a secure place to upload the file to.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

I am finding ArchiCAD increasingly frustrating.

Unable to show elevation of curtain wall in a schedule is ridiculous. So I have to create elevations and patch them into the schedule? And to have an unobstructed view of the curtain walls, they need to be on a separate layer because you can't selectively hide elements on the same layer if something is adjoining the curtain wall on the side.

I do like ArchiCAD for being systematic so I understand approach is not the Revit style where you can manually override anything (I find it very dangerous as a lot can be missed that way) but a property that would allow for show/hide would be amazingly useful.

Ability to have a completely invisible line for override or invisible pen available for all settings would be a dream come true.
BIM manager

No need to create separate layers. You can hide/show per element in 3D.  Use parallel projection and look to perpendicular of clicked surface, and convert to 3D Document to generate individual CW elevation.

Kei Mito

Architect | Graphisoft Certified BIM Manager
ArchiCAD 27 JPN USA & INT | Windows 10

Almost 3 years later and still no solution to a Curtain Wall scheduler? This is getting ridiculous. Of all the goods Archicad brought to the table, not being able to properly display a schedule and not having the option to create curved curtain walls (with curved glass) is just mindblowing. But then again, what would AC26 bring if all these issues were already resolved...

Victor Cosmin Pop / Architect

AC25 INT • M1 MacBook Pro 8 GB RAM (for late nights couch working) • Windows 10 2080TI Ryzen 5950X 128 GB RAM (for burning money on electricity)

JUST ANOTHER THING IN A ROW THAT DOESNT WORK. This program is made by architects, the same way I was made by fairytale creatures... 


I've got a similar question - is there a way of scheduling the curtain wall's elements? I have this building which is all made out of curtain wall. There are many windows in this curtain wall, which I would like to schedule.


Am I able to get a schedule out of these windows (curtain wall's components)?