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Viewing steel structure as Trace reference using Saved view


Hi Everyone, 


First Time posting, but have been using ArchiCAD23 for some time now. I'm currently working on a project which has a complex steel structure. I've modelled the steel beams and Columns ( Each with its own layer) and was hoping to use Trace reference to help with Alignment etc. I've created 2 section markers, both of which are in identical places.


The first section marker A-A has no model overrides, a marked distant area and shows all of the layers. The Second Section A-A_s only shows The structural steel layers and has a model override to show all beams in Elevation as being blue. When creating a sheet, I lay the A-A_s ontop of the A-A view and set cover fills to transparent. Essentially, you end up with the structural elements highlighted in blue overlayed on the more typical Section. 


This "Solution" is a pain, you're juggling 2 sections for each view and it generally seems quite inelegant. Also, I cannot figure out how to show section A-A_s as a trace reference to Section A-A. This must be something you've wanted to do and I would be really appreciative of some pointers. 


Gerry Leonor

maybe i'm mis-understanding it without any screenshots / pics, but i think the extra section (the one specifically for the Structure) is redundant. you can have 1 section marker & have 2 separate Saved Views (each with their own Layer Combo, Graphic Override, Model View Option etc). open the Saved View which you'll be working with, then Trace Reference the Structure View into your working one.

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Hi Gerard, 


Thanks for the response, The reason I use 2 sections is that they both have different Horizontal Range and Marked Distant Section settings. Below is a screenshot showing Eboth sections and how they are shown in trace reference. I hope this clarifyis things a bit 


All the best, 



Construction Section with Strucutre as Rtrace Reference.PNGStructural Section.PNGConstruction Section.PNG

Gerry Leonor

yes, i think i'm starting to understand now.

are you actually going to be using both section markers in the layout?


if AA_S only exists for structural alignment purposes & doesn't need to be shown in the layouts, i'd keep the AA marker & use my 'working sections' & save views from them as you would with your AA_S marker. in every project, i typically have 4 working sections (looking up, down, left & right of the project) which i move freely around & never gets shown in the layout book.


also, what did you mean by "show section A-A_s as a trace reference to Section A-A"? you can Trace Ref almost any kind of view onto another view. you can Trace Ref sections onto a plan & they will align from where the marker is positioned. the only thing you can't trace ref is from the 3D window, schedules & lists.

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

The easiest way to show any Project Map item (Viewpoint) or View Map item (View) or Layout Book item (Layout or Master Layout) as Trace Reference is just to go to the Viewpoint or View or Layout where you want to show it, then right-click the Project Map/View Map/Layout Book item and select the "Show as Trace Reference" command from the context menu.

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