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Material-Textures on Door and Window trim

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I have a question regarding how Archicad deals with applying a wood grained texture on door casing and window trim.
I am a very longtime proficient Vectorworks user and have just about hit the wall pertaining to the question I am inquiring about. Vectorworks, after all these years, and me personally bringing this little issue to their attention countless times over many years, they still have not addressed the problem.

When applying a wood grained material-texture on window trim or casing around a door, the material is applied in one direction only, which absolutely dos not happen in reality. So, it looks fine, for example, running vertical, but when the wood grained material travels in a horizontal direction there is no option to apply the wood grained texture in a 90° direction....the grain is shown going vertical.
I do a LOT of rendering for my Projects and Clients and this one little issue requires a lot of extra time to create a workaround so the wood grained material is shown traveling in the correct direction.
Hopefully, what I am describing makes sense.

So.....back to my inquiry....How does Archicad address this situation ?
Is there an option when applying trim( wood grain in this case) to a door or window item to apply the material texture so it appears as it would in real life going vertical where it should and going horizontal as it should?
I am not currently using Archicad, but if the situation I mentioned is handled differently in Archicad that will change.
I attached a low res screenshot to better describe of what I speak. Notice the entry French doors....see how the wood grain in the doors is only applied in one direction? More than irritating I must say.


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