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A section view got rotated - how did this happen?

This is a file I didn't start, so I don't know the history of this section. But I don't think I ever saw this and I can't understand how it happened. It is a view that takes me to section viewpoint —it is not a worksheet which is what I first thought.
The file has rotated plan views, and may have once had rotated drawings, and I was thinking that maybe redirecting a drawing, or transferring settings, resulted in this. But I get the same thing on the viewpoint, and as a way out I can only think of creating a new section.

Edit: I created a new section, view and drawing, starting off settings in marker and views of a section that is doing fine, and I get the same thing. All the other sections and elevations are doing fine.

Edit 2: I unrotated the plan view back to 0, created the section marker with that view active, opened with current settings and it looked fine, opened another section view which was fine, in Organizer dragged the new section viewpoint to the View Map and the new View still appears rotated.

Edit 3: it is happening with whatever settings I create the view —dragged in Organizer with elevation views active, with schedule views active.

Edit 4: at some point a few days ago I copypasted a section marker from some other file, in order to extract-inject its settings. It is likely that I copied it from an unrotated plan view and pasted it into a rotated plan view.

Edit 5: I unrotated the plan view, copypasted a section marker from the other file, extracted settings from it, created a new section marker, opened viewpoint and created views and drawings with no problem. So there is something that had got messed up with that straight-to-rotated section marker copypaste.

May Yee


 First time experiencing this issue and we are using Norwegian version of AC 25. Using 5010 NOR FULL version of archciad 25. I hope it wound not spread to other procjects😖

It may be related to 'Ignore zoom and rotation when opening this view' being checked in the 2D/3D document settings in the view settings. A few weeks ago I unchecked it everywhere on a file that was having the issue and haven't had it since. 

i actually thought the opposite.

its always been (what i thought was a good) habit of mine to never leave that box checked for all Elevation / Section / Internal Elev view -- that way i zoom straight into the building.


perhaps it's because we have half of our projects requiring to be modelled kilometers away from Project Origin (pre-Native Survey Point AC22 project files) that this error would occur. but even with the other team in our office who model at Project Origin, this occurred a lot & with the change to AC25, especially in the early weeks, this was pretty rampant. at its peak, it happened 2/3 times a week. the fix i found was to, begrudgingly, check the Ignore Zoom box. the error only occurs rarely nowadays (still does, but not as much as before). I'm not really convinced checking the Ignore Zoom box has anything to do with it, but the anxiety of opening rotated Elevation / Section / Internal views is too strong & that i have leave the box checked for fear of spending almost half an hour fixing teamwork files using the Open/Repair method.

AC25 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

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