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AI and the end of the road for Archicad


AI tech is moving faster than anything we have seen before. The gains that can be made are so large there is huge money being poured into the development of AI in all industries. Architecture is no different. The video below shows where AI is already at so the next 5 yrs is going to see a big shift in the structure of Architectural practices around the world with a lot of labour intensive drafting processes being replaced with AI. Is GS ready for this transformation? Do they have a strategy in place to ensure they are still going to be relevant in an AI dominated world? Does Nemetschek actually care or will AC just be bleed dry until it becomes irrelevant?


AI will eventually produce the drawings and BIM models without the need for a piece of architectural software so the AC's and Revit's of this day in age will just fade away like the pen and paper before before them. 


While we complain about the functions, or lack thereof, in AC, I can see the reasoning for not throwing money at development when the return on investment won't have time to materialize as AI continues to disrupt our industry. Personally I can't see a future for AC, as it currently is, in this new world unless they embrace the AI wave and transform AC into an AI based piece of software. Given this type of transformation would run into the hundreds of millions I just can't see Nemetschek footing the bill.


How do other AC users see themselves placed in this new world? Are you going to be riding the AI wave or will you be left behind? It's a question we all need to be asking ourselves because AI is here and it will affect every aspect of our industry.

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in the same account other videos you will see how they modelled the building from scratch and in the same video you find find out that there is a tap for the app prepared file.


how to decide requirements? calculations? engineer have to be placed at every time and every where


Will AI deal with angry clients in the middle of the night or with anxiety ridden clients who are not sure if the design will please their friends and family (even though those people probably have no stake or money on the project)?.      Will AI tell the client, "hey! out of the 1 billion design solutions i generated in 27 seconds, THIS one is the one you need."


When AI can do all that then yeah, we are done. Until then, i think there is plenty of work to do: with, without and along AI.   



i was spending some time (not much) reading about Grasshopper and watching videos about it, but with the advent of all these AI advancements it might be completely unnecesary now.   


On the other hand, i can see integration platforms, like Archicad and Revit, will still have their place even if modelling occurs somewhere else.   Maybe AI will eventually help with format and file extensions in the sense of achieving universal compatibility among software.




@gavinNZz I dont know anything about programming, but i think this could be done with Archicad NOW with some sub routines and a few input from the user, like automatically stablishing dimensioning lines, apropiately cropped layouts, automatic stair plans, etc.  the AIDEA videos show some truth in this.


still very pretty, and i hope we get there documentation wise.


Or maybe AI will help with writing code for an application that truly aids us in the design process - would be nice to see some of the true potential of computer aided design before being relegated to the sidelines 😖

Totally! actually the CAD Acronym, which i never liked, might finally become what it should always have been: instead of Computer Aided Design it finally becomes Computer Augmented Design. 


Best fictional example i can remember: Tony Stark working with Jarvis in iron man 1 while designing the suit.  The computer did basically everything, but Tony still told it what to do... That´s one thing i dont see changing for the time being.  But AI will of course provide the illusion of doing things out of the blue; its up to us to remain in charge of the show


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