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PDF Layer for drawing



I use some dwg's as drawings. saving a PDF with layers those drawings don't appear on the layer they are set on. Actually, they are on no layer at all, therfor permanetly visible.


I have the building plan from an architekt. I don't want to have all his layers in my drawing. So I have his drawing as a dwg on a worksheet and use the "transparence tool" to draw my stuff with my layers onto it. (  I especially like that way as I can't chose his elements in the model where I work. )



On the PDF I would like to have all from his plan on one layer "Architect" - And seperate layers for my stuff.

With similiar logik I would like to have other plans on the PDF. For example "electric", "fire protection","carpenter",.... Basically generating a PDF with all the Layers of other offices combined in one Layer per office and my stuff.



Operating system used: Windows


OK, I did try it before writing that text and it didn't work. Now it works. For who is curious: The layer the DWG drawing is on will apear on the pdf.

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