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Simple clean DWF\DWG 2D export


I want to get a simple DWG\DWF export that will produce a clean 2D output, with no overlapping lines and fills, no fills except cut fills, no wipeouts. Just what you would get if you'd print your layout on paper. No hidden geometry or solids. WYSIWYG. 


I've tried messing with DWG export settings, Object settings, graphic overrides, exporting PDF and DWF then exploding them in Autocad then resaving as DWF... Nothing gets it. 


It's simple enaugh to render it on screen or print. Then how is it not available on file export? 


Anyone? Please?



I use Archicad 23.


If you actually looked at the PDFs produced, there are a lot of overlapping lines and fills behind fills...

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This is true, as I realized once the PDF was exploded in Autocad...

(I just checked if Re-exporting it again from Autocad to DWF would have any positive effect. It was a desperate move...)

However, this does not get me any closer to the goal.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
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I would try this workaround:

1. Save the PLN under a new name.

2. In this new file, explode all elements on Floor Plans you want to export as DWG. If you have Sections/Elevation (all Viewpoints that are generated from the 3D model), explode elements on those first so they are not lost when all elements are exploded on Floor Plans.

3. Use the Fill Consolidation and Line Consolidation commands in each Viewpoint. That should take care of the overlapping Lines and Fills issue.

4. Save as DWG.

You would have to perform this elaborate hula dance routine each time you want to save as DWG this way.

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Thanks Laszlo for the response!

Sounds like a dance I might manage since I'll hopefully have to do it only once or twice during the project's life (It's for documents required in the permit approval process). 

I'll definitely give it a try once I get to it.


I'll report later.

Thanks again! 


Hello! Is there any update about a better way to have a clean 2D DWG export from Archicad? I am working on a complex project with lots of overlapping geometry and fills and the DWG export is very messy. I need to send DWG drawings very often to coordinate issues with consultants and they need clean plans to work on, thus it is not efficient to spend a big amount of time cleaning the file every time. 

Any hints or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. In the drawing view you want to export, select Worksheet tool and set the Geometry Method to No Boundary.
  2. Click on where ever in the drawing and the entire drawing will be converted into a 2D drawing in a new worksheet.
  3. Open the newly generated worksheet and ctrl+A to select all and run both Linework Consolidation and Fill Consolidation. After consolidation, select all the fills and Display Order>Send to Back so all the line will show up.
  4. Save as dwg.

Worksheet tool will generate a new worksheet marker in the drawing view. Keep it in a separate layer so you can hide it; don't delete it as that will delete the worksheet as well. 

In the worksheet you can update the drawing by right click and select Rebuild from the Source View (then you have to run the consolidation again).


or, you can also ask them to try OVERKILL command in AutoCAD to clean up.


Kei Mito

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Great Idea kmitotk!


It's still a workaround, but it works nicely.

It seems easy enough and produces a lightweight and clean DWG file.

I haven't tried it for PDF\DWF export yet, but it looks promising.


One drawback that comes to mind is that in order to export Layouts that contain more than one drawing you'd have to go though the procedure separately for each placed drawing, plus you'd have to link all drawings to the generated worksheet instead of the actual view. Maintaining this routine over a lifespan of a project would be quite demanding. 


Thanks a lot for sharing this information! 

I'm sure it'll come in very handy (or maybe you have another solution for the Layout issue too?...)




No problem! For the layouts, you can also try this:

  1. Publish the layout set as dwg, as you normally do. 
  2. Go to Xrefed Archicad Views folder in Explorer, find the drawing files that need to be cleaned up and copy the file name.
  3. Back in ArchiCAD, go to the drawing view to clean up and generate worksheet as previously described. In the process, paste the copied file name and use it as the worksheet name. (leave the ID blank).
  4. Save the worksheets as views.
  5. In the Publisher, set the save file location as the Xrefed Archicad Views folder and batch publish the worksheets (views). All the desired xref drawings will be overwritten by the worksheet versions.

Once you set this up, it'll be just updating the drawings with consolidations the next time publishing (well, unless there are changes in the layouts).

Kei Mito

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This process is becoming too laborious and gives way for human mistakes.

As I understand it, I might as well simply use the consolidated worksheets linked as the actual drawings and try to keep them updated. This way at least I get to keep everything in one software, and changes in layouts won't pose any problem.

Your initial solutions is excellent. From there on it's just a matter of how much you're willing to work for a clean document output...


Thanks again for your help!


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