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Text outside border?

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Hi, in archicad 21 the text is outside the border and also on top it has not the same space as below. How do i correct these?
I want it centered like in the picture. Thanks


@Samuel1997 wrote:

I do however have the latest update installed, so sadly that must not be a fix for this particular issue.

Unless you opened the file in 26 with an old update (pre 5002), and fixed the text (or maybe placed some new text).

Then if you have just installed the 5002 update (it only came out a little while ago).

the text will possibly be broken again.

Only solution now it to fix it again - just resize the text box.

If resizing the text box does not fix it then it is not the same problem.




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The issue was the latter, i had been opening the file on my pc which has the update, whilst it was appearing fine on another pc which didn't have the update installed. i installed the update to that pc, and sure enough, all the text boxes are out of scale now. So now i guess i have to remake the text boxes to fit to the updated standard. I am dying inside a little at the amount i have to go through and fix.


Thanks barry.

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I have the same problem on Archicad 27, win 11. The text display on the layout depends on the layout zoom level. zoom level 200% and lower - the text is not visible, zoom level 280% - some text is visible, zoom level 400 % - all text is visible. 









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