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About building parametric objects with GDL.

2d symbol with width x depth parameters as text


Hello! I'm creating a 2d symbol for a parking stall and I would like for the text on the symbol to show the width x depth of the stall based on the dimensions entered for the object. Is this possible? Please see attached.  


Screenshot (208).png


You just have to convert the number to text.

Search the gdl reference guide for STR.

Domagoj Lukinic

You can do that but I would code it directly in to textbox like this:


paragraph		"AC_PRG_2" 1,0,0,0,1
    STR{2} ("%cm",a)+"x"+STR{2} ("%cm",b)


no need to add extra variable. 

However if you really want it in a variable you still need to use STR{2} and also VALUES/VALUES{2} and then link that variable in text:


values "STALL_SIZE",STR{2} ("%cm",a)+"x"+STR{2} ("%cm",b)



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